Our firm has years of experience representing clients who have been wronged by the professionals in whom they placed their trust and confidence. We have extensive experience representing clients in malpractice actions against both attorneys and accountants, and have also represented clients in connection with other types of professional malpractice claims.

Legal Malpractice: Our firm specializes in representing clients in legal malpractice cases.  Michael Farley is a Certified Specialist in Legal Malpractice Law by the State Bar of California. Mr. Farley has been representing clients all over the State of California in legal malpractice actions for nearly forty years and is one of the few attorneys who focuses on legal malpractice in the Central Valley and Central Coast.  Our primary goal is to work diligently to ensure that each case reaches a meaningful resolution.

Accounting Malpractice: Our firm also has extensive experience representing clients in accounting malpractice involving various types of accounting errors.